Thursday, 21 October 2010

Waynes World

Last year I was pretty good at my job in fact I was one of my employers top performers. However since the spring I have been below par and recently my colleagues have been covering for me. During this time I have been rude to a few customers and there have been one or two unsavoury episodes in  my private life that have become public knowledge and caused my employers a degree of embarrassment. I am coming up for my annual review how do you I think I should play it ?
  1. Tell the company I don't much like the way they are running things and demand that my pay should be doubled.
  2. Keep my head down try my best to rebuild my tarnished reputation and hope that the company doesn't sack me.
Personally I think 2 might be the wiser course of action but if I were a professional footballer then it would appear option 1 is the way to go.

Whilst Manchester United might not be about to cave into Waynes Rooney's demands it would appear that at least two clubs (Chelsea and Man City) are willing to pay in the region of £250,000 a week for his services. How either club can square that with the UEFA financial fair play rules is beyond me given that their wage bills already are already in excess of their gross revenues.  

To cite the Wayne Rooney episode as evidence that the world has gone mad would be wrong, the last vestiges of financial sanity departed English football when the Sheikhs turned up at Man City with a desire to burn money but the whole circus has been morally if not financially bankrupt for years.

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