Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Blog about Not Playing Poker

When I started this blog I said it was a blog mainly about poker and football. I have mentioned football a bit looking for jobs and some random other stuff but nothing about Poker.

The reason for this I was that I have not been playing. The whole job search thing has been very time consuming and more importantly I know of late my head has certainly not been right for Poker, so I have not played. This is a welcome sign of maturity on my part I know there are times in the past when in similar circumstances I have ploughed on regardless with the inevitable consequences.

Early in my period of unemployment I set myself a task of grinding out a living in cash games for a week, partly to prove to myself that if push came to shove I could do it. I won but not at an hourly rate that would have kept me in the style I have become used to but not too shabby either. Although by the end of the week it felt like a grind and I was making mistakes probably just out of boredom in point of fact I was borderline tilting. This surprised me a little I thought with time on my hands and being able to concentrate on poker my game would blossom. On the contrary.

The following week I had various job related appointments so couldn't commit to a full weeks grind but  when I logged on there was no real desire to bring my A game to the table and after a short flirtation with games B & C I found some game from the arse end of the alphabet and went with that. Fortunately I decided to stick the breaks on and after that I have pretty much left the online game alone.

All of which brings me to last nights little misadventure. I was labouring under the mistaken belief is that my on line game was jaded and a little jaunt to the seaside to play the Brighton leg of the GUKPT would do the trick. I could not have been more wrong, I hated the experience almost from start to finish and crowned a miserable night by playing Aces  badly to bust out before the 1st break. I should have been livid with myself I wasn't, I was relieved.

When I started playing it was fun and a bit of an adventure 10 years on it is'nt I have stopped progressing as a player and when that happens you are going backwards at an alarming rate last night crystallised these thoughts.

I have reached a decision that I will quit I no longer enjoy the game it has been good to me, I will cash in the bankroll buy a car with it and stick the rest into my pension fund or whatever. I simply cannot abide the thought of playing badly just through a lack of desire and that is what is starting to happen.

This blog is now mainly about football.

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